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Photoksar to Palamo via Padum and Phuktal (14days-Camping)

Day 01: Acclimatize day at Leh Rest day, because, we care our clients very much, for that we are keeping a full day rest. So that the coming days will not be difficult. So taking rest is very important on arrival.  Night at Hotel/ Guest House at Leh.


Day 02: Visit Shey Palace with huge statue of Buddha and Thiksay monastery with statue of future Buddha with beautiful view of the valley and Hemis monastery as the richest and largest monastery in Ladakh. Back to Leh, Night at Hotel/Guest House.


Day 03: Drive Leh to Photoksar village 3800mts, 6 hours via  Alchi monastery with its beautiful painting and structure and Lamayuru monastery and its beautiful Landscape. After visiting those beautiful places, drive direct to Photoksar by passing Wanla village and Sirsir-la 4900mts.   Night at Camp.


Day 04: TREK START  Morning after breakfast trek from Photoksar to Manaychan 4200mts via Bumkitse la, which is a small pass just after Photokasr along with their barley fields. Trekking gradually to the towards the camp, you will have to cross a river before the camp.  Manaychan is considered asBase camp of Singay-La, a beautiful easy route toward Manachan. Night at Camp.


Day 05: Manaychan/Base camp Singay-La to Gongma/Skunpata village via Singay-La 5020mts. Climbing towards the pass slowly towards the pass, it will be bit windy, so we recommend you to keep your hand and head cover with gloves or cap, so that you will not feel cold and catch any cold, after spending sometime at pass, continue to trek going down. Night at Camp.


Day 06: Gongma/Skunpata village to Lanak via Lingshed village. You will have Monastery as well as a very beautiful view of Lingshed village. Ging though the magnificent trekking trails, you will already on a height , from there you will like walking on moon as your are walking on a flat place for long and gong down to Lingshed via Murgon-la 4200mts. Night at camp.


Day 07: Lanak to Neytse via Hanumanla 4700mts, the ways up to the pass is bit long, but it very nice walking on a zigzag route till the pass Hanamul La 4700Mts, you can have a different views of all the ranges of Himalayas and Going down following a small stream water to the camp. Night at camp.


Day 08: Neytse to Hanamur village via Parfila 4700mts, 5-6hours. Walking down till the river called Zingchen and start climbing the pass, it will be similar to day before, but it’s easier. Parfila is the last pass between Lingshed and Zanskar Valley.Hanamur is the first village of Zanskar valley with very few house hold. Night at Camp.


Day 09: Hanamur to Pishu 3400mts via Pigmo village, 4hours. Morning after breakfast start trek to Pishu, From today you will walk along the Zanskar River and you will not have any pass in between. On the way you will meet few more villages, Pigmo, and Zangla at other side of the river. Night at Camp.


Day 10: Pishu to Karsha  3550mts, 4hoursWalking along the Zanskar River with a beautiful views villages Tsazar, Stongday, Kumaik and Renam. If its sunny day, it will a peasant day as you don’t have to walk up and down.  After lunch visit to the famous Karsha Monastery, which is the largest monastery in Zanskar Valley. Night at Camp.


Day 11: Karsha to Padum 3500mts, 3-4HoursTrek to Padum from a nearby villages and local people can be seen walking in there filed and you will have wonderful view of Padum the centre. It will be a shot day trek. After lunch explore near Padum as people from all other place came to Padum for their usual needs and official works. Night at Camp/Hotel/Guest House.


Day 12: Padum to Raru. 3650mts. 4hours. from today you are entering in another valley called Lungnak Valley, On the way visit Munay monastery and Bardan Monastery on hill and after to Raru village, there are also several villages are also there. Night at Camp.


Day 13: Raru to Anmu village 3700mts.  4-5hours. Walking slowly from Raru for some hours you will see beautiful Ichar village on left side of the river, crossing the bridge towards Ichar, continue walking along the Lungnak River up to Anmu. Night at Camp.


Day 14: Anmu to Purnay via Dolma a small Nunnery and after Cha Village, crossing a bridge at Purnay village, where most of the groups stop for two nights. Night at Camp.


Day 15: Purnay to Phuktal monastery, 2+2+2=6hours, 2hours walk to Phuktal monastery and 2hours visit and 2hours to come back to Purnay. Phuktal monastery is very unique monastery as the monastery is formed in a huge cave, as there are school for monks and the view of the monastery is breathtaking. Back to Camp. Night at Camp.


Day 16: Purnay to Tangze via Tasta and Kuru village, walking along the river. There is gradual up and down today, but don’t worry, it not hard at all. Night at Camp.


Day 17: Tangze to Kargyak 4100mts. Passing many several small villages, there are very beautiful photographic views are there. It is a beautiful valley. Night at Camp.


Day 18: Kargyak to Lhakhang 4280mts, this day you will have wonderful view of the Gonbo Rangjon, a mountain with a special believe in our Buddhism. You can see the local people with their cattle’s in this area, because of the good grass availabilities. Night at camp.  


Day 19: Lhakhang to Chumik Nakpo  via Shingkula pass 5150Mts, as now a day there is rough road, if the road is good, car will come to the top Shingkula, if not we have to walk until Chumik Nakpo.  And drive to Palamo, Night at camp at Palamo. TREK END


Day 19: Drive to Manali or Leh.

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