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Shade round Tour

Day:1st Tsazar to Zangla sumdo via(Tsazar la 4200m) 6/7 hrs. The trek starts from Tsazar village 3500m, it start gradually walking towards the pass. It’s a nice small pass from here one can have great view of south valley of zanskar with the river passing next to villages, once we come on the other part of the pass we are in the valley of zangla sumdo, it is a small narrow valley this day one has to cross water for several time till zangla sumdo once we are at zangla sumdo 10 min before the camp there is also spring water which is said to be medicine water(good for joints and bones).After 10 min walk we come to the camping place which is surrounded by trees.


Day: 2nd Zangla sumdo to Kolumtse 5-6hrs Zangla sumdo is the place where people of Tsazar villagr used to come in summer with their animals and stay there for summer at Doksa. This day we hike along the stream heading towards kolumtse on the way we come across valley of palumtse a Doksa (pasture land) it is two hours walk from zangla sumdo and it is on the right side of the valley. The other valley is on the left side just few minutes’ walk from palumtse valley. The third valley is straight valley when we come from zangla sumdo and the kolumtse valley is just on the right side. The first 15 minutes walk into the valley is not a good path for horses because there are big stones lying down on the path. . This day also there is few water crossing. Once we into the kolumtse valley we pass by valley on the left side from here it is like 30 minutes walk to the camp.


Day: 3rd Koulmtse to Niri via Niri la/Penak la (5150 m), The third day would be quite hard because of the pass. We start ascending the pass gradually from the left side of the valley all the way to pass. The way to the pass is surrounded by grass and wild garlic.. There is also spring water on the way to pass and also good camping place if needed for small groups. This area is good for the animals because it has good grass for the dzos and yak. The pass name came from the soil of the pass which is black in colour called penak(black soil).From the pass we can see valley of Niri and the mountains of charchar la and so on, and there is a small valley on the right side of the pass it leads to Tsazar village, people of Tsazar and shade use this during the time when there is high level of water in the valley and during autumn season when there is surprise snow fall and there is no way then people use this pass , it is called rihachan la. we walk down from the left side of the pass all the way down to the camp, the camp would be between the first doksa and before the shapokdok valley where there is also a doksa on left side of the valley .


Day: 4th Niri to Lar via Laul la 4/5 hrs The day hike to lar is a short day hike along the small stream of Niri chu , when we walk along the stream for ten minutes there is the first valley we ignore the valley and follow the stream.Just before the laul la there is again one more valley we skip it and start climbing the pass on the left side of the valley.At the end the niri stream falls into stongdey chu a place called Mola sumdo. This day there is water crossing couple of times. Lar is the place of shade village; it is a doksa of shade. From the top of Laul la we can see the camping place Lar and also the Lar la the next day pass.


Day: 5th Lar to Shade village via Lar La 4850m and ortang la 5000m.6/7 hrs.pic n This day one need to start early in the morning because of the two passes. We start ascending towards the pass it may take one and half or two hours till the top of lar la. It has nice view of Niri valley and other high mountains of the area. From the pass we hike towards the left side of the pass after a 5 minutes hike we can see the mitsik valley another doksa of shade and also the ortang la. From the mitsik valley we start ascending towards the ortang la,which is also quite high. Ortang la give good view of shade mountains, once we go down from the pass we come across many Yaks and spring water and pasture land of shade. Half an hour hike from the spring water we can see the first glimpse of shade village which lay down on the ridge of the mountain with beautiful green barley fields.


Day:6th Shade to Shaling 5/6hrs This day we need to cross water for several time and the stones are slippery, so while crossing water we need to be carte full. Shaling is flat area and above the river with spring water. we will pass by a small narrow valley we ignore the valley and keep going on the shaling.


Day 7th shaling to salang tak tak 5/6 hrs. The day from shaling to mola sumdo there is no water crossing once we are down in the valley we start to cross the water for many times . Just half an hour before the camp there are three wide valleys in which one leads to phuktal . From the sumdo we go along the main stream which flows from the right side of the valley, it’s a 10 minutes’ walk to salang tak tak camp. salang tak is a doksa of stongdy village.


Day: 8th Salang tak tak to stongdey via stongdey la 5200m 6/7 hrs. The pass is not too steep from this side of the valley we starts walking along a small stream which flows from the la.There are many beautiful colour mountains on the way to pass .There are two valleys before the pass The ascending to pass is takes 2 or more hrs but it is easy.At the the top there would be snow and quite windy and from there we can see stongey gonpa down facing towards the pass and the zanskar river flows behind the Gonpa. It may take 2 hrs going down.

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